The village of Caylar

The Caylar has been labeled “Village Etape” since 2013, it is strategically located on the A75 motorway, 50 minutes from Montpellier and 20 minutes from Millau. Halfway between mountains and countryside, the village is perched at a height of 760 meters above sea level and it is not uncommon to have snow in winter.

The Roc Castel, which overlooks the village of Caylar, constitutes the remains of the Castellas (castle) dating from the 12th century and which houses the Notre-Dame du Roc Castel chapel also dating from the same period and completely restored. You can admire the traces of the old fortifications of Caylar. The first traces of occupation of the site go back to the Iron Age. Carolingian houses (before the 10th century) can still be observed. Some dating from the Renaissance are still inhabited. From the top of the Roc, you can admire the marvelous panorama which covers the southern Larzac as far as the eye can see.

In summer, many activities are scheduled, such as the Roc Castel festival which lasts 10 days in August, flea markets in mid-July and mid-August, the farmers’ market with entertainment on the square … In September, a Mountain biking, La Larzac Brebis Tour, brings together several hundred participants on very beautiful routes of 12 to 105 km.

Le Caylar is also the starting point or stopping place for hikes in a site exceptionally rich in flora and fauna, and with multiple landscapes specific to the Larzac plateau. A multitude of hiking and mountain biking trails are at your immediate reach (possibility of mountain biking rental on Le Caylar and mountain support).

Finally, young and old will enjoy meeting domestic animals from all continents, at Le Theil park located in Caylar, on the program: walks among the animals, observation of flora and fauna, fun games … in a natural environment and as far as the eye can see.

Restaurants located in the village of Caylar:

O’Resto: regional cuisine
10 Place de la République, 34520 Le Caylar
Phone: +337 77 79 25 80

Berger Burger: hamburgers and meat Aubrac
ZAE Les Rocailles, 34520 Le Caylar
Phone: +336 98 99 46 93 :/ +334 67 96 81 75

Écailler du Larzac: oyster bar and boutique
Annex Restaurant Berger Burger, ZAE Les Rocailles, 34520 Le Caylar
Phone: +336 59 15 87 27

Cortese & Company: Italian cuisine
2 Lotissement les Rocailles, 34520 Le Caylar
Phone: +334 99 91 08 11

You will find other restaurants within 10 minutes of the village, in La Couvertoirade or in the village of Rives.
In a slightly more distant radius, the village of La Cavalerie also offers several restaurants.

The Grand Causse of the Larzac

These are grandiose natural sites on a 1000 km2 plateau with altitudes of 600 to 900 m, conditioned by the Mediterranean and mountain climate.

It is the world of limestone, cut by deep valleys and canyons, with reliefs denatured by the erosion of the rain. This dissolution of the stone over time has created caves, sinkholes (natural wells), underground rivers, ruiniform rocks, but also sinkholes, real basins of good cultivable land or containing water (lavogne) serving as a watering hole for the herds. .

It is a territory of splendid solitude, unique in France, for the happiness of the eyes; paradise for hikers, become a Mecca for environmentalists.

From prehistoric times, man has left his traces there. Despite an often difficult climate, different ethnic groups have settled there, suffering over time the inevitable invasions, warlike or religious destruction. Roman roads, menhirs, dolmens, hospitable cities and Templars bear witness to this rich past.

The essentials of the region

  • Village of La Couvertoirade (6km)
    Listed as the most beautiful village in France, Templar Foundation and Larzac hospital commandery from the 12th and 15th centuries, La Couvertoirade is a medieval village which retains from its past a quite remarkable fortified ensemble. Towers and rampart ramparts, fortified gates, Templar castle, church-fortresses and cobbled streets lined with typical stone houses, make La Couvertoirade a listed site that must be visited.
  • The Cirque de Navacelles (30km)
    One of the largest and most impressive canyons in Europe, 300 meters deep, an enormous funnel carved out by the river Vis, a tributary of the Hérault. This natural circus / amphitheater is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the 15th major site in France. It is a natural and protected space which shelters a rich and varied soil, as well as an exceptional biodiversity.
  • Cirque et Grotte de Labeil (10km)
    Old cellar in Roquefort allowing full foot access to the underground river where the sound of illuminated waters offers a unique spectacle. One can discover an exciting geological history there through the maze of the cave, a wonder of nature. The Labeil site is also a gastronomic stopover with authentic and quality products.
  • Lac du Salagou (37km)
    This large lake offers a surprising and timeless panorama, a jewel of biodiversity surrounded by an exceptional landscape. The intense red earth, which gives the place an air of magic, is in fact due to the presence of an ancient volcano. It is a life-size playground: swimming, sailing, fishing, catamaran, paddle boarding, hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding… It is also the ideal place for peaceful walks and for recharging your batteries.
Cirque de navacelles
Cirque de navacelles
Saint Guilhem le désert
  • Saint Guilhem le Désert (50km) One of the most beautiful villages in France and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is also a spiritual stopover on the Way of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. This small medieval town with Romanesque architecture is home to many treasures to visit, in particular its abbey founded in 804 by William of Orange. You can discover charming little stalls at the bend of picturesque alleys, and you can also practice several outdoor activities such as canoeing / climbing / canyoning / caving / vertical hiking …
  • Les Caves de Roquefort (46km)
    Discover all the secrets of Roquefort, an essential cheese in French gastronomy, in Roquefort sur Soulzon, located 40 minutes from Caylar. You can visit the perfectly ventilated cellars which house thousands of cheeses. First made in a dairy, they are then matured in these natural caves for at least 2 weeks, under the expert eye and master refiners. You can combine the discovery of the natural resources of the village, the visit of the cellars but above all the tasting of the cheeses.
  • Le Rab Ling, Buddhist temple (12km)
    Located 15 minutes from the village of Caylar, in a natural environment, Lerab Ling is home to one of the most authentic traditional Tibetan temples in Europe, and is inspired by the best examples of monastery architecture Tibetans from the Himalayas. You can admire a statue of Buddha 7 meters high from March to December. The temple, at the same time a place of discovery, study and practice of Buddhism, was founded by Sogyal Rinpoche, its vocation is to translate the key values ​​of the old tradition of wisdom of Tibet in the various fields of contemporary life. He was blessed by the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2000 and 2008.